Pyniaid Sing Syiem confident to retain Mawryngkneng seat

National People’s Party (NPP) legislator from Mawryngkneng Pyniaid Sing Syiem on Tuesday expressed confident to retain his seat.


After filing his nomination, Syiem said that for the last one year as MLA the constituency has seen that many more developmental issues but there are more to be done especially when to comes to road sector, health care and water supply and also the ways and means how to create job opportunities for youth who are jobless especially in the constituency and the state as a whole.


“Through our contribution in the Assembly legislation we hope that we could contribute to bringing good laws and policy and programs which will help our youth in these five years to come” said Syiem.


Syiem said that he has no regret in joining the NPP but he is happy and compared with other political parties whether it is national or regional, this time NPP is among the best parties from the state of Meghalaya.


He added no one should take the election easy as elections are very tough and this time in Mawryngkneng there are 7 candidates who are in the fray so no one should not take lightly and instead should work hard in order to win.


When it comes to allegations against the NPP, Syiem said that such allegations will not affect Mawryngkneng because as MLA he used to meet the people and give them awareness about such allegations hence he doesn’t see that this will be a negative point in the constituency.

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