Dr. Mukul urges people to vote for change

Leader of the Opposition and TMC candidate from Tikrikilla Assembly Constituency of West Garo Hills, Dr.Mukul Sangma on Saturday urged the people to vote for change.

Asking people to be the change for themselves, Dr. Sangma said, “If you are unhappy with how your leaders have performed, there is an opportunity for change. People have the responsibility to use the core values of democracy and change the situation.”

In a massive show of strength, Meghalaya Trinamool Congress held a public meeting at Tikrikilla Assembly Constituency which was attended by over 5,000 supporters. Dr. Sangma was accompanied by senior Meghalaya TMC leaders including Meghalaya TMC State General Secretary Mukul Das, Dr. Mizanur Rahman Kazi, and Dr. Prabir D Sangma.

Dr. Sangma was welcomed by a crowd of thousands who took a break from Bihu festivities to hear their leader speak. “I am extremely grateful that the people took the time out to attend this meeting amid the festivities,” he said, while addressing the crowd on his maiden visit to the constituency as a candidate.

In the presence of an enthused crowd, Dr. Mukul emphasised on the need for coexistence and love. “India is a diverse country. Even in Meghalaya, people of different communities stay together because our ancestors and our parents have taught us to coexist peacefully. If we engage in fights and violence, we will not be able to stay together. The core values of our forefathers have worked as glue to keep every community together with respect, love, and dignity. This will ultimately lead to a bright future. It is our duty to work towards that goal and that is why we are here,” he said.

The event also saw a major blow to the ruling National People’s Party as more than 60 NPP members quit the party to join the Meghalaya TMC in the presence of Dr. Mukul Sangma.


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