Education Minister conducts inspection of Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute

Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma on Wednesday expressed concern for the state not being able to produce a successful candidate from among the tribal communities in the last 13 years.


Stating that despite having talents, the students from the indigenous tribes of Meghalaya are not able to crack the civil services examination, the Education Minister said, with the advancement of technology, the students from Meghalaya should be open-minded and for the students to grow the state should be well connected with rest of the country in all aspect.


 “We need exposure – like Shillong, like Meghalaya should be well connected with the rest of the country in all the sectors. Our young people should be open-minded to accept any kind of challenge, any kind of change,” the Education Minister said.


Asked he said, “Being open minded means what Delhi students are studying? What are the Gujarat, Bihar, and other state students studying? Whatever materials available in Delhi are available in Shillong also, we should concentrate more on what is to be done. Everything available sitting in Shillong only. “


Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma along with Advisor to the Education Department on Wednesday conducted an inspection of Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute.


Legislator from Kharkutta Rupert Marak also visited the MATI building.


Talking to reporters, the Education Minister said,  “In the last 50 years, we have not done well as a state in all these examinations, we have the potential but we have something to address, some gaps…some problems are there and as an individual we should take responsibility.”


He further said it’s everybody’s responsibility to see that the students of the state perform well in the civil services examination.


“…. its everybody’s, be it politician, academician, parents as institutions we should accept these problems and we should realize that yes should step ahead now,” Sangma said.


He further asserted that states like UP, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, even other North-eastern states have performed well in the civil services examination.


“If young guys from Bihar, UP , Gujarat, Nagaland, Mizoram, if they can clear easily, why can’t students from our state. Students from our state should take note and they should take inspiration from the students who have cleared, our students are second to nobody, our students have potential, we have talent, but there are some gaps that we should address it,” the Education Minister said.


Further, he informed that during the inspection they met 125 Civil service aspirants.


“State Government is doing its best to prepare our people for civil service. We told them to work hard, be more concentrate more and be serious,” Sangma said.


 Sangma said the last batch 3 has cleared civil service prelims.


The three are Nidakyrkhu Dkhar, Anmiel Azareel Syiem and Thomas Edison Sumer. They all received support from the All India Services Pre-Examination Training Centre at the Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute (MATI), Mawdiangdiang.

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