Former Congress leader and ex-KSU general secretary Auguster Jyrwa on Thursday joined the United Democratic Party (UDP).


He along with his supporters were welcomed by UDP supremo Metbah Lyngdoh at a meeting organized by the UDP Shillong City. Also present were cabinet minister Kyrmen Shylla, general secretary of the party Jemino Mawthoh and candidates of the West Shillong and North Shillong – Paul Lyngdoh and Dr Aman War.


In his speech, Jyrwa said that though in the past he has been a Congress man yet his heart has always been with the UDP as it is the only largest regional party in the state which people can look upto for good governance.


“I have taken this decision to join the UDP after consulting with all my family members,” he said while adding that his family has a close attachment with the UDP party.


Thanking the West and North Shillong Circle of the UDP for welcoming him to the family, Jyrwa said that his joining will further strengthen the party ahead of the 2023 assembly elections.


Jyrwa had unsuccessfully contested against Paul Lyngdoh in the 2019 MDC elections.


He said that he will now have the chance to work together with Paul to serve the people of the North and West Shillong constituency and the state as whole.


He added that since his days in the KSU he had always emphasized on safeguarding the interest of the people and the state as a whole hence he had always wanted to be formally inducted in UDP which is the main regional party.


“Nowadays everyone has high hope in the UDP as they have understand the the party has a strong foundation especially when it comes to safeguarding the interest of the people and the state as a whole hence it will be the duty of everyone to work hard to make sure that UDP will form or lead the government in 2023” he added.

By Editor