Former South Tura MLA alleges CM Conrad of being “panicked” before polls

Former legislator of South Tura John Leslee K Sangma on Monday alleged  that ahead of election, the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma of being “panicked” by putting up his own pictures everywhere in Tura.


Speaking to reporters, the former legislator said there is panicky or fear psychosis in Conrad Sangma that he has to put his picture in every 10 meters apart.


“If you go to Tura you’ll see lots of hoarding, his pictures everywhere promising a better tomorrow or a better future things like that…(pictures of) Conrad in every shop which are just being put by laborers. It is not being put up by people, who actually support him because there are certain hoardings which they have put up even in my own establishment also I don’t support Conrad but it’s there. So I can tell you very rightly that it has just been put up by them everywhere randomly and for me its panic and they are afraid…,”John said.


He also alleged the CM of not having time for the people of South Tura.


“Every time he goes to South Tura is like a whirlwind tour, people are not being able to meet him. If he’s there people from all over West Garo Hills will flock into his residence. I think that’s where the biggest disadvantage for him,” he said.


He also alleged that the anti-incumbency against the sitting MLA is very high and this is making him very confident.


“I would not like to go into that but I know why I lost the election and I’m coming back after five years as a different person, with a different talk, with a different ideology, with a very strong group of friends, with a very strong party to back me up, that’s my confidence,” he stated.


John further alleged that recent arrest of Bernard N Marak on the allegation of running a brother in private farm house at Rimpu Bagan will affect the party’s prospect and that he is not the right candidate for the upcoming elections.


“Well if we ask that question I think it will be wrong on the understanding and the intellect of the people of Tura because we the people of Tura know what actually happened. I will not tell you what actually happened but we know what happened and whatever is there, is there in the media, so many things have been already printed and I definitely feel that he’s not the right candidate for the people. That is why I decided to contest and challenge that candidature because I feel it’s wrong and I wanted to keep an option to the people of Tura to decide and to have a choice in the candidate.”


He said that the case will definitely go against Bernard and the BJP. “Because I feel that the party who says that whenever they choose a candidate, the person or the candidate should not have any criminal record. So I feel that that is going to go against BJP party.” 

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