Garo never omitted from list of languages under consideration for inclusion in 8th Schedule: Marcuise

​Cabinet Minister Marcuise N Marak on Wednesday the Ministry of Home Affairs never omitted any language from the list of languages under consideration for inclusion in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.


Following his recent visit to Delhi, in which a delegation led by Tura MP and former Union MoS, Agatha K Sangma met the secretary and officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs in regards to the long pending demand for inclusion of Garo language in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India, Marak said, the state Government is pursuing the matter with the centre.


“When we met (MHA officials)  we learnt that they have told us that they have never omitted any list, which any other community who have applied for consideration in the 8th schedule, it is already there and they have never omitted or deleted any languages who have applied for their inclusion,” Marak said.


The minister informed that the MHA joint secretary had informed the delegation that Garo language is also one among the 38 languages, which are waiting for the consideration by the Government of India.


“According the joint secretary has assured us that he will be sending the letter that is​ already there for the list for consideration and you don’t have to worry and the letter will be sent to the Achik Literature Society and chief minister as well. It’s there already, Khasi and Garo for consideration, whether to consider that’s a different question together,” He added.


 Asked if any assurance from their side whether Khasi and Garo will be considered in the 8th schedule, he said, “We met the secretary so he cannot give any assurance for consideration because it will be taken by the Government in the Ministry. We were trying to seek the appointment of​ the honourable Home Minister also, but then he was busy visiting neighbouring states so we couldn’t meet him.


Marak said that the decision on the matter will be taken by the government of India. He informed that the delegation had also tried to meet Union home minister Amit Shah for his intervention but could not because he was busy visiting neighbouring states.


The minister also said since the confusion which was lingering around us has been resolved, now we will combine to put pressure on the Government of India.

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