George B Lyngdoh not keen to contest Shillong parliamentary seat on NPP ticket: Sources

Who will be NPP’s candidate for the Shillong parliamentary seat? According to sources, after TMC Vice President and former Umroi MLA George B Lyngdoh decided not to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the name of former Mawhati legislator Dasakhiat Lamare and former Mawsynram MLA Himalaya Shangpliang  surfaced for the Shillong parliamentary seat.


Amidst the rumour that former Umroi MLA will be joining the party, sources said, George has no such plan.


Meanwhile, NPP spokesperson Marcuise N Marak on Wednesday has ruled out any division in the party due to the selection of candidates for the Shillong parliamentary seat.


Speaking to reporters, the cabinet minister said a committee will recommend names of candidates to the party high command. “The party high command will decide as per information that will be available that whoever has the higherside of winning. We will take a call on that basis.”


“It is a political party. It is a combination of different leaders so obviously there will be argument, opinions. We are a party which considers unanimous and for unanimous we need to have different opinions. That is why discussions are on. Once we (are done), we will be deciding unanimously. There is no division as such,” he said.


On allegation that the Dhar group is trying to project former Mawhati legislator Dasakhiat Lamare as candidate for the Shillong seat, Marak said he was not aware of such proposal and that he needs to update himself before speaking on the matter.


“We don’t know exactly but there are few (candidates). Himalaya Shangpliang (former Mawsynram MLA) is there. Dasakhiat Lamare is totally new for me. Let us see, the party will be taking a call. Whenever the party takes a call it will be intimated to you,” he said.


Marak said there is no pressure on the party.


“Decision has not been taken so there is no question of confusion. We will be selecting the best candidate who will be accepted by the party. There is no pressure (on the party),” he said. He said, “We have a new state president and he is also taking some time and then he will be constituting his own committee members so once that is done we will be taking a call for the decision of the candidates very soon.”


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