Garo Organizations from East Garo Hills supports High Court order on Roster System

Extending support to the Meghalaya High Court directive to the state to adhere to the Roster System when it comes to recruitment of jobs, a conglomerate of organizations from the East Garo Hills  have expressed their adherent to uphold the magnanimity of Roster System in Reservation Policy.

These organizations, namely the Garo Students Union, Federation of A’chik Freedom, All India Garo Union, All A’chik Youth Federation, Williamnagar Govt College Students Union and Sumo Pick-Up & Auto Association from Williamnagar, East Garo Hills have expressed that the matter is very sensitive and any approaches without taking into confidence of all the section of community of the State will be cautionary.

“Since from the inception of Statehood, the Reservation Policy in absence of formula/Roster System had rendered inefficient to the represented community of the State particularly the Garo community. The disproportionate and asymmetric in the process of recruitments to the posts can be noticed apparently in all the Directorate offices in the State wherein the Garo employees are hardly can be seen. It can be seen only 10nos. of Garos out of 100 other tribes and even zero in some departments. Irrespective of such irregularities and arbitrariness in the process of recruitments to the various posts in the past, we are maintaining the mutual respects to the fellow communities of the State and had imposed trust to the verdicts of the Honorable High Court of the State,” the organizations said.

The statement further added, “……. any approaches that is discriminatory by nature and practices will not be tolerated hereafter and we are also ready to come out to the streets as Bah Ardent Miller Bassaiawmoit had said in his statement if things could be sorted out in the street.

They stated that  in order to abstain any further discrepancies in the process of recruitment the Roster System must be upheld and in the same line appeal to all the citizens of the State to adhere to mutual respect and sensibilities in dealing with this sensitive matter.



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