Govt decides to send temporary teachers to over 1002 lower primary schools

Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma on Tuesday informed that the state government has decided to send temporary teachers to over 1002 lower primary schools.


Replying to a query raised by Mawhati MLA Charles Marngar, Sangma said temporary teachers have already been engaged for government secondary and higher secondary schools.


There are over 1,219 vacant teacher posts in the government schools of which 1002 in lower primary, 41 upper primary, 125 secondary and 51 higher secondary – while there are 420 vacant teacher posts in SSA schools of which 102 in lower primary, 292 upper primary and 26 secondary schools.


Stating that the process of rationalization is going on, the minister said in respect to the vacancies in the government lower primary schools, the process for recruiting teachers has been delayed due to the court order for roster system implementation.


“However, department is on the job and proper recruitment will happen immediately,” he said.

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