Govt planning to set up Tribal Research dept at Captain Williamson Sangma State University

SHILLONG, MAY 13: Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma said Captain Williamson Sangma State University will provide a scope for the tribal research as he believes if the practices are not well documented, they may become extinct.


Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma on Monday said, “The state university might be the first one in the country (as) we are planning to set up a department like tribal research department.”


He said the objective is that there are many tribal cultures such as language, practices, and music that may become extinct if there is no proper research and documentation.


“If these practices are not (documented) well, they may become extinct completely tomorrow. So we decide why not have a tribal research department,” Sangma said. He said that the state university will be collaborating with prominent universities of the country as well as abroad to support these courses.


Rakkam said, “Scripture says human understanding is very limited. The earth and universe is being created by God almighty. No scientist or no philosopher knows everything that is in the earth and universe. Similarly, the tribal culture is a beauty that has been created by God almighty. Therefore, this is one of the beauties that we have. It is responsible for us to keep it alive otherwise if human understanding doesn’t care it will go away. It is a blessing for us. For Meghalayans, for Khasi, Jaintia and Garo and Naga or Mizos, don’t expect American people or people from Mumbai, China, Japan to do it for you. It is you who have to do the research now.”


“Rev Thomas Jones, the father of Khasi alphabets, is the one who educated our people here. So now don’t expect another Rev Thomas Jones to come again to Khasi Hills to teach us. So it is our responsibility and it is the right time now to (do research and document) as many tribal cultures are on the verge of extinction now,” he added.


The minister informed that the appointment of the vice chancellor of the state university will be done after June 4, when the model code of conduct is lifted.


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