Govt to untake task of repairing retaining wall of PA Sangma Stadium in Tura after monsoon

Meghalaya Sports Minister Shakliar Warjri informed the state Government will undertake the task of repairing the retaining wall of the PA Sangma Stadium in Tura which collapsed last year after the end of the monsoon season.

Talking to Mediapersons, Warjri said, the repair work has not yet started, although, the stadium as a whole is fully constructed.


“The portion that you are talking about happened due to the blockage of water so the wall collapsed, so that we are taking up the work, that’s a small portion, we are taking up the work as soon as the monsoon gets over because right now we cannot start,” the Sports Minister said.


“The work has not yet started and once the monsoon is over we will take up the work,” the Minister said.

“The PA Sangma has been fully The PA Sangma stadium has been fully constructed,  it is 100 percent done,” he added.

A retaining wall collapsed at the PA Sangma Stadium in Tura June 2023, carrying a small section of the football pitch with it.

It may be mentioned that the design was done by “nationally acclaimed“ design agencies taking into consideration all the requirements for hosting national and international matches and executed by Hindustan Steelworks Construction Ltd.

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