HSPDP appeals to 36 legislators and MDCs to support separate statehood demand

The Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) has appealed to the 36 legislators and MDCs of the region to support the demand of separate Khasi-Jaintia state.


Speaking to reporters after a CEC meeting, HSPDP state youth wing president Sandondor Ryntathiang said, “We seek the support of all the 36 MLAs and MDCs of both the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) and Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) on our demand for creation of a separate Khasi-Jaintia state.”


He also extended the invitation to the MLAs and MDCs to a seminar on the separate state demand to be organized by the party on December 5.


NEHU’s Prof LS Gassah and Robertjune Kharjahrin, who is an advocate and social activist – will be the resource persons of the seminar.


Ryntathiang said, “We need a Khasi-Jaintia state of our own. It is very clear. The founding president of the party has a vision that the only way to ensure good governance to the people especially to the Khasi-Jaintia is by gettng a separate state of our own.”


“We have seen the issue pertaining to the reservation policy has become one of the heated debates that is going on and we have seen the allocation of government jobs. This is not new to us, that is why we have been saying time and again that Khasi-Jaintia state is the solution for our future and for indigenous people of our state,” he added.


The youth leader further informed that the party leaders would be camping in New Delhi for three days from Dec 14 to 16 to pressurize the Government of India to consider the long pending demand of the people of Khasi and Jaintia Hills.


Ryntathiang said the demand has received positive response. “This is because our demand is not through protest; our demand is not similar to 1970s where we have seen violence in the streets. We have a mutual  understanding with the Garo people that you want a Garo state and we also want Khasi-Jaintia state – we have decided to join hands together to demand this through constitutional ways and means.”


Meanwhile, the party has also decided to distribute prizes to the winners of the essay competition during the upcoming seminar.


Ryntathiang informed that the party has also decided to handover the newly constructed house to a family at Mawblei, Mawthadraishan on December 20.


He also claimed that more than 5200 youth have joined the HSPDP. “This is  a clear indication that the youth are frustrated with the other political parties and they have decided to turn to the HSPDP with the hope that the party is for them,” Ryntathiang said.

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