HSPDP soon to submit its suggestion to Meghalaya Govt for reviewing state reservation policy

The Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) president KP Pangniang on Friday informed that the party will soon submit its suggestions to the state government for reviewing the state reservation policy.


Speaking to reporters, Pangniang said the decision was taken at the CEC meeting of the party.


“We have discussed the issue at length and we have decided to submit our suggestions to the government on the state reservation policy with immediate effect.”


He informed that the party needs to get more information on the issue before submitting its suggestions.


Pangniang said the party also expressed its gratefulness and appreciation to the government of the day for implementing the roster system prospectively as per suggestion of the party during the all party meeting held on May 29.


“The government had also issued a new office memorandum (OM) on June 14, 2023 that clause d of the OM, 2022 has been amended as per the wish and the suggestion of our party and other parties except the VPP which was not able to participate in the meeting on May 29,” he said.