HYC releases song to call upon people to commit into protecting environment

SHILLONG, JUNE 5: The Hynñiewtrep Youths’ Council-Central Executive Council (HYC-CEC), today the 5th June, 2024, releases ‘Bei Rymaw’, a song to call upon people to commit into protecting the environment and as part of the organization’s Tenth year anniversary celebration this year. The song is a wakeup call for every member of the society as stewards for the environment to play their part in caring and protecting it.

              ‘Bei Rymaw’ was written by well-known song writer and artiste, Amabel Susngi, sung together as a duet with Bahun Marweiñ. The song highlights the mesmerizing beauty of the Khasi and Jaintia hills, eulogizing the creation story attached to the beauty of mother earth. The hills and valleys of the Khasi people are ones of the most picturesque in the world and as a tribute to such splendor, this song was written and produced.

HYC President Roy Kupar Synrem says, “When we look at our surroundings we see that our streams are mistreated, our forests are abused and nature is tampered. We cannot look the other way and do nothing. As an organization and members of society, we feel called for to respond to such recklessness and invite people from across the board to think and act towards the preservation lines. This song is a message to our people to take strong note of the destructions we are causing to the environment around us and be mindful of the same.”

“The tampering of man over nature is a dangerous trend that could have dire consequences, as seen recently in the onslaught of cyclone Remal and the floods and flash floods that claimed the lives of people here in our state and elsewhere. This song is intended to reason with people and warn against any kind of tampering”, Synrem added.

The release of the song in collaboration with the members of the artiste community is also a part of the organization’s ten year celebration that is scheduled to be concluded on 17 July 2024 which is the organisation’s Foundation day. There is hope that the people will listen to the meaningful words in both Pnar and Khasi Sohra embedded in this song called ‘Bei Rymaw’ or “Mei Ram-ew”.

Song writer Amabel Susngi added, “The message in the song is straight forward to invite our people to think seriously about our actions. The use of the traditional instruments including ka Duitara, ka Ksing Shynrang, ka Padiah and ka Bom is symbolic of the Hynniewtrep way of life that is reflective of our deep respect for nature. HYC’s engagement with the public, I feel is a step in the right direction and hope the song will be well received”.

The song was fine-tuned and professionally produced by folk-fusion outfit and household name in Meghalaya the ‘Summersalt’, recorded and edited by Gregory F. Nongrum, a member of the band. Summersalt has written and produced a number of socially relevant songs in the past that call on people to act responsibly and ‘Bei Rymaw’ is another testament of the band in collaboration with HYC and local artistes towards producing another socially relevant message through the medium of a song.

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