Is the Lok Sabha elections result ‘a wakeup call’ for NPP?

SHILLONG, JUNE 5:  The voters in Meghalaya has given ‘Thumbs down’ to the ruling NPP and the NDA in the Lok Sabha elections. Despite having maximum number of legislators in Garo Hills, the ruling NPP was taunted by the Congress in its bastion. Even in Shillong parliamentary seat, the ruling NPP fished in the ‘third spot’.


Admitting that the Lok Sabha election results is a wakeup call for the NPP, NPP state president and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong on Wednesday said the party soon convene a meeting to review the poor performance in the just concluded Lok Sabha polls.



The NPP was defeated in both Tura and Shillong parliamentary constituencies.


Speaking to reporters, NPP state president and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong said, “We accepted the mandate of the people be it in Tura or be it here in Shillong LS seat.”


He informed that the party will soon convene a meeting to review its performance in the just concluded elections and make necessary corrections.


“We will examine, we will review, we will find out where is the loophole, where is the minus, where is the plus then accordingly action will be taken. Losing election with thumping majority or with very thin margin does not make any difference, once you are losing means you are losing, once you are winning means you are winning – so our party therefore, very soon will sit down, we will discuss and do the research about this and then after that necessary correction, necessary action will be taken,” he added.


Tynsong said, “All party functionaries, all party leaders up to the block level, they really work hard but still ultimately we lost. So we respect the mandate of the people and we also have to understand one thing its not only because we lost today, the next election we are losing no. Election is election where we have to accept it and not only accepting the defeat but we have to also diagnose it properly, we also have to examine and also we have to review again the style of functioning of the party in each and every MLA or MDC constituency.”


Asked, the NPP chief said, “I think let us go back to the independence that we got as a nation as India, I never seen that history happened that whoever run the government if he loses the election has to step down. I think it is irrelevant and totally immature statement made by the respected president of VPP I think he should also go to history let him give me  a glaring example of such a situation that has happened in the nation as a whole and my knowledge is very clear nothing of that kind of history happened right from the day we got our independence till today in any state or even the central government themselves in Delhi.”


Tynsong also ridiculed Basaiwmoit’s claim that VPP will replace all regional parties in Meghalaya.


“I leave it to the wisdom of the voters as if you talk about replacement in politics as a political party there is no ending point at all. I don’t think any leader of any political party will just say that now forget HSPDP, forget UDP, and now let them merge with VPP. I think this is what he wanted to send a message. For me I have nothing to say on this statement as ultimately it is upto UDP, HSPDP or any other political parties on whether they really wanted to merge with VPP or not so that is the question you need to ultimately find out from leaders of those respective political parties,” he said.



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