JA Lyngdoh asks people to oust MDA to pave way for corruption free state

Congress leader and former minister JA Lyngdoh on Saturday said the people of the state should oust the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government to pave way for a corruption free state.


“If this government is going against the people of the state, remove it on February 27. Remove all the political parties which are part of this government right from the NPP, BJP, UDP, HSPDP and PDF and vote for the Congress which will ensure a corruption free government,” Lyngdoh said while speaking at a common platform organized by the Wahingdoh Dorbar Shnong for candidates of the North Shillong constituency.


He said that corruption is so rampant under the MDA regime. “The government said it is not aware about the operation of illegal coke factories.”


“The Meghalaya High Court had directed action against those involved in the illegal coal mining and transportation but the “high level” does not allow that to happen. Assam government is also not arresting (the illegal trucks). Why? Because Himanta Biswa Sarma is the Chairman of the NEDA and BJP, UDP, NPP, HSPDP and PDF are in bed together with Himanta. Therefore, the High Court had to come up with another order directing the deployment of central armed police force to stop illegal mining and transportation of coal in the state which is such a big embarrassment for the state,” Lyngdoh said.


The Congress leader said that the chief minister had claimed that only his government had dare to resolve the border issue but the fact is that “this has given sleepless nights to the border residents”.


He accused the NPP and its alliance partners for selling tribal land to Assam and said the NPP’s popularity has really gone down in Garo Hills because of the border issue as well as corruption.


“Therefore, the fight is between the Congress and AITC and not NPP in Garo Hills and the Congress may cross 11-12 seats in Garo Hills,” Lyngdoh said.


He assured that the people that the Congress will ensure that the MoU signed with Assam will be scrapped.

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