​Jingjang D. Shira is new GNLA Chief Executive Director: claims unknown whatsapp message

The GNLA is re-grouping again? The information received by the police​​ department from an unknown source about the re-grouping of GNLAs seems to be true.


Last evening, Meghalaya News 24 has received information through WhatsApp, which claimed that Jingjang D. Shira, is the new Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) Chief Executive Director  and 500 numbers of GNLAs are being trained in Rengdim in West Khasi Hills bordering East Garo Hills and South Garo Hills districts of Meghalaya.


The person claimed to be Shira said that the one who is wearing a green towel in the photo is Nengsrang Sangma, New GNLA secretary and Second incharge. The one who is wearing camouflage, covered with black scarf is Jingjang D. Shira, the Chief Executive Director of GNLA.

Earlier, Director General of Police (DGP) Dr LR Bishnoi said the state police are still verifying the input regarding the regrouping of the GNLA in Garo Hills region.

It may be mentioned that Meghalaya Director General of Police (DGP) L.R. Bishnoi has sought a report from Superintendents of Police of five districts in the western Garo hills region on inputs about outlawed militant organisation Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) regrouping and recruiting cadres.

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