KSU asks police to refrain from arresting its members based on ‘mobile tower location’

SHILLONG, APR 3: Leaders and activists of the Khasi Students Union (KSU) along with people from different parts of Sohra on Wednesday took out a protest march to the Sohra police station against the arrest of its two members in connection with the recent murder of two labourers at Ichamati in East Khasi Hills District.


Speaking to reporters, assistant general secretary of KSU central body Reuben Najiar said the KSU has demanded the police to refrain from arresting its members based on ‘mobile tower location’.


“Though we cannot interfere with the police investigation, police themselves have maintained that they have arrested the two members based on suspicious grounds since their mobile location indicated that they were present in the area during the incident,” he said.


The KSU leader said that the majority of the members’ location will be shown in that area in view of the fact that they were attending the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest organized by the KSU at Ichamati on March 27.


“We were present there (Ichamati) because of the anti-CAA meeting so naturally the tower location will indicate the same. Therefore, if police don’t have strong evidence, they should refrain from arresting our members based on a tower location. Police told us that they are waiting for orders on the matter,” he said.


He further claimed that after protesting by burning of the CAA rules, the members immediately dispersed and left the place. “We absolutely have no idea about the murder incident and the allegation made is an attempt to tarnish the image of the KSU by vested interest as they know we are here to protect and safeguard the jaidbynriew,” the leader said.


Najiar said, “We have made it very clear to the police that if they want to talk to our members, call us, we are ready to come and meet them since we are not involved and we have reasons to be afraid of anything.”


“We are absolutely not terrorists; we are not militants that we go underground. We have nowhere to hide as we are student activists,” he said. He warned that the KSU will be compelled to take stern action if police fail to heed the demand.


Najiar also slammed the police for being quick in disclosing the identity of the two members without proving their involvement in the case.


“Police were so quick in releasing their names and address but when a KSU member (L) Lurshai Hynniewta was killed at Ichamati in 2020, police were hiding and protecting the names of the arrested accused involved in the case,” he said.


He also asked who will take responsibility to undo this damage if tomorrow it is proven that the two members are not involved in the incident.


“This is an attempt to tarnish our name and by doing this we are also putting our people residing in the different parts of the country in trouble as this may lead to communal differences between us,” he said.

Earlier, the KSU leaders also protested against the alleged rude behaviour of a senior police officer during the meeting.

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