KSU demands Govt to rename Zig-zag road after (L) Hoping Stone Lyngdoh

The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) on Monday demanded the state government to rename the Zig-zag road after former home minister (L) Hoping Stone Lyngdoh.


In a letter to GAD Minister Sniawbhalang Dhar, President of KSU Laban Circle Reuben Najiar said that in 2019, the union had strongly objected renaming of the Zig-zag road to Ardhendhu Choudhury road as it was without the consent of the Dorbar Shnong of Kenches Trace, Oxford, Rilbong (KOR).


He said the union upholds the decision of the Dorbar Shnong to rename the said road to Hoping Stone Lyngdoh road. The decision was taken at a public meeting held at Indoor Stadium, Oxford Hills on November 27, 2021.


Stating that there has been no initiatives taken by the authorities concerned on this regard, Najiar said but to the utter surprise of the union, it was learned that on June 27, this year, the cabinet has decided to rename the Harisabha road to Bhaskar Choudhury road again without the consent of the Dorbar Shnong Laban nor the stakeholders which has left the people of Laban in anguish.


“Thus, it is in these regards that the Union would like to seek your intervention that the renaming of the road to Bhaskar Choudhury Road should be omitted since it’s without the consent of the Dorbar Shnong Laban and against the will of the concern stakeholders and public at large. And to affirm the renaming of Zig-zag Road to Hoping Stone Lyngdoh Road as decided by the public in the Dorbar (General Body Meeting) of Dorbar Shnong K.O.R,” he stated in the letter.

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