KSU expresses concern as NEIGRIHMS lacks computer examination centres

The Khasi Student Union (KSU) today met Director of NEIGRIHMS, Dr Nalin Mehta to express concern as the Hospital lacks computer examination centers for conducting examinations for various posts in grade B and C which are vacant in the hospital.

Speaking to media persons after meeting with the director, KSU general secretary Donald V Thabah said that the union has received several complaints from the aspirant candidates that they have to travel to Delhi, Jorhat and Guwahati to sit for the examination conducted by NEIGRIHMS as there are no examination centers in the state.

Thabah said that recently the hospital has advertised on the job vacancy in several posts in Grade B and C but it is shocking to learn that the examination for these vacancies are being held in Guwahati, Jorhat and Delhi.

He added that in the meeting with the director of NEIGRIHMS it was learnt that the process of examination is being contracted to HLL Company as there are no computer examination centers in Shillong.

“There few computer examination centers in Shillong like in NEHU and St. Anthony’s but since most of the schools and colleges in the state are having their final exams, NEIGRIHMS cannot utilize these centers which led to handing out the contract to HLL company” said Thabah.

Thabah informed that due to lack of computer examination centers in Shillong, the aspirants’ candidates face difficulties in logistics to travel to outside the state to sit for these employment examinations.

In this regard, the KSU leaders informed that the union has urged the Director that the Hospital in near future should make use of the computer centre available in the state for conducting such exams so that the applicants do not need to go outside the state.

“To solve such issues in the near future, the director has assured us that the hospital will conduct some kind of survey in Shillong and will also sign some kind of MoU with such institutions who are well equipped to conduct recruitment examinations in the future” he added.

On the other hand the KSU has urged the director of NEIGRIHMS to implement 44% reservation for the local youths who are seeking employment in the hospital in which the director has assured the union that job recruitment will be done as per the state reservation.


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