Construction companies should report to district admin on any kind of disturbances while implementing road projects

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Wednesday said the construction companies should inform the district administrations on any kind of disturbances while implementing the various projects in the state.


Asked on allegations that certain groups are interfering with the implementation of Shillong-Dawki road and other projects, Tynsong said, “I have made it very clear any issue or any disturbances or any kind of hindrances that you (construction companies) have, please immediately inform to the district administration, we will make sure that such hindrances does not occur or it should not happen as this project is in the interest of the public in the state of Meghalaya.”


He said district administrations have also been instructed to ensure safety and security of the labourers engaged for implementation of important projects.


“I have already given instruction to all district administrations, be it any incidents or any kind of disturbances specially this side in those places or those projects undertaken, please make sure that safety, security of the labourers is intact, nobody can touch them,” Tynsong said.


The deputy chief minister said the construction companies and contractors are also requested to ensure all labourers obtained a labour license from the labour department of the state.

Meanwhile, on police action against extortion in the form of donations, the deputy chief minister said that collection in the form of donations is illegal without permission from the district administration.


Tynsong said taking action against such illegal collection is the responsibility of the district administration.

“The DC and SP have to take care of this and I am very sure even official notification has come out that it is illegal as until unless you get the permission from the deputy commissioner, you cannot just go and collect in the form of donations whether group of persons or whether NGOs or whatever, you can’t. There is a prescribe norms where you cannot just do like that blindly, you have to get permission then you issue the receipt and then you can approach the concerned whoever, maybe business houses or whatever,” he added.

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