MHA against proposal to set up facilitation centres or check gates as per MRSSAB, 2020

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Wednesday informed that the MHA had stated the proposal to set up the facilitation centres or check gates as per the MRSSAB, 2020 clashes with the laws passed by the Parliament.


Speaking to reporters, Tynsong said that the ministry said setting up of the facilitation centres will affect and disturb the movement of people from one state to another keeping in mind Meghalaya as a transit state.


He said the state government has decided to soon hold a consultation meeting to seek the suggestions and opinion of everyone on the matter.


“We are going to do it. Unfortunately CM is busy and hopefully very soon CM will call a meeting with all stakeholders,” Tynsong said.


Asked, the deputy chief minister said, “The inner line permit (ILP) is a different issue and MRSSA is a different issue. We insist that we should get the ILP. ILP is a Central Act. The Central Act at the time when they passed the act, there already exist provisions, which says you need to do this especially Meghalaya being a transit state that you have to do this, you have to do this and make sure the flow of vehicles does not disturbed movement of people that is ILP.”


“But they pinpoint that the MRSSA issue clashes (with the Central Act) as any citizen of India is free to move from one state to another and there is no law which can prevent them from moving from one state to another. It is a different issue altogether. If they give ILP, there will be a provision, which will ensure no disturbance or inconveniences caused to people passing through the State,” he added.


Tynsong said that the state government is following up with the Centre for immediate implementation of the ILP.

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