Michael Kharsyntiew to contest Independent; alleges ‘Cash for Ticket Scam’ in BJP

Breaking his silence after being denied a BJP ticket, the party’s ticket aspirant from 17 North Shillong Michael Kharsyntiew on Saturday announced his decision to contest as an independent candidate.

Addressing a press conference, Michael said it’s just a symbol that he has lost, not the love of the people.

“I am a people’s man, I will fight and bring justice, I request the people to give me a chance… It’s just an election..it’s just the symbol that I have lost but the love and the support is there,” Kharsyntiew said.

Earlier, on Thursday, the BJP allotted a party ticket to retired police officer M Kharkrang to contest from North Shillong, ignoring another ticket aspirant Michael Kharsyntiew.

Dejected Kharsyntiew cries foul play in the allotment of party ticket for the North Shillong constituency.

“We were rounding up all our supporters. We had countless meetings these few days and we sought their opinion. They are still us.. I would say we are even more stronger, even more determine to bring out the truth, to bring support and to win the 17 North Shillong,” he added

The former BJP leader also said, “After I win this election as an independent candidate, I am willing to associate myself with wherever my supporters would like to send me to represent them.”

He further claimed that BJP in 17 North Shillong stands was divided with a large section supporting him.

Asked, “Till day before yesterday there were two BJP fractions in North Shillong,  BJP of Bah Michael Kharsyntiew and BJP of other person who was asking for ticket, the whole world knows where the support is , whom people want to get BJP ticket.”

Stating that ticket is in the hand of public, he said let the public give the ticket to the winning person

“We have their confidence and support…..the injustice that has happened to me people will give a befitting reply to them on the 27th of February,” he added.

Has Michael Kharsyntiew, the BJP ticket aspirant from 17 North Shillong became victim for raising voice against alleged ‘Ticket for cash’ scam in BJP?  After being denied BJP ticket, the party’s ticket aspirant from 17 North Shillong Michael Kharsyntiew on Saturday blamed the BJP leadership for suppressing the issue of cash for ticket scam.

Interestingly a media report quoting central BJP sources said that Kharsyntiew was denied party ticket since he made ‘baseless’ allegations about two BJP leaders, who took cash for allotting ticket prior to  2018 Assembly  elections.

Kharsyntiew claimed “I have apprised the BJP leader in charge- Meghalaya Nalin Kohli for being victimised after raising the issue of some state leaders taking cash from for a seat in the last Assembly polls.”

During the press conference, Kharsyntiew provided the report and named former state BJP president Shibun Lyngdoh and former general secretary Bashailang Khongwir for accepting the cash.

Interestingly, the probe report of the BJP appointed disciplinary committee said that the two leaders took the cash thinking that it is a token of good will.

The chairman of disciplinary committee, Bhagwati Prasad Goenka also addressed media and claimed the allegation to be true.

Michael, who unsuccessfully contested from Umsning in the 2018 Assembly polls, is now vying for the North Shillong seat.

He will file his nomination on Tuesday as an independent candidate.



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