More entrepreneurship opportunities for state’s youth as CM-ELEVATE is launched in Tura

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma launched the CM-ELEVATE, an Integrated event in Tura on October 13, where reassuring that the program is aimed at engaging, employing, and empowering the youth of Meghalaya through entrepreneurship. The day also marked the distribution of Cheques under YESS Meghalaya Initiative.
The programme was initiated after a welcome speech by  Jagdish Chelani, IAS, Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills. Addressing the August Assemblage, Chief Minister,  Conrad Sangma said, “We want to emphasize on the role of each minister in making this initiative comprehensive and impactful. CM-Elevate is our flagship initiative designed to make our youth, the partners in the development of our beloved state. We have set ambitious goals, with the intention of creating entrepreneurship opportunities for over 20,000 individuals in the span of three years, across sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, tourism, and more. This initiative comes with a total investment of approximately 300 crores over three years.”
He informed that the government is providing financial support ranging from 35 to 75 percent of the project cost to mitigate the risks associated with credit. He called upon individuals from Meghalaya, registered entities, and non-registered collectives, such as Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Village Organizations (VOs), and Producer Groups (PGs) from Meghalaya, to apply for the program.
 Chief Minister Conrad Sangma further added that the Tourism Department is offering four remarkable schemes under CM-Elevate. The Green Villa Scheme, the Homestay Scheme, the Motorhome Meghalaya Scheme, and the PRIME Tourism Vehicle Scheme are set to transform our tourism sector. These initiatives not only provide subsidies but also create job opportunities. The government is anticipating around 700 direct employment opportunities and numerous indirect jobs, benefiting the youth of Meghalaya.
Referring to the YESS Initiative, Shri Conrad Sangma also informed that the total application through YESS is around 1500.
The programme also rendered focus on Prime Tourism Vehicle Allocation and Prime Agriculture Response Vehicles (PARVs). Accordingly, six Prime Tourism Vehicles were allocated to boost tourism in Garo Hills. These vehicles will enhance the tourist experience and support local tourism-related businesses. The Government has allocated 46 PARVs to empower the farmers and improve agricultural practices. These vehicles will help the farmers increase their productivity and sustain their livelihoods.
Another important scheme, on which the programme shed light was the Homestay Scheme. The Government has reached 76 beneficiaries through the Homestay Scheme in Garo Hills, thereby supporting the local communities by creating additional income opportunities through tourism.
Notably, the Garo Hills have a total of 19,308 Self-Help Groups, playing a crucial role in empowerment and development. An impressive 136.85 Crores have been disbursed to support the activities and projects of these SHGs. This financial support is driving local entrepreneurship and economic growth.
Outlining the importance of Green Meghalaya, the Honorable Chief Minister said, “We’ve disbursed Rs 6.56 crores to support eco-friendly projects under the Green Meghalaya program. This investment in sustainable initiatives is helping preserve our natural resources.  The 290 beneficiaries are environmental stewards, working towards a greener and cleaner Garo Hills. The funds disbursed are a testament to our commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.” Notably, the Green Meghalaya initiative has already benefited 290 individuals in Garo Hills and the beneficiaries are contributing to environmental sustainability and conservation.
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