My Vote My Valentine- Mission 300 launched in Shillong

To overcome urban voter apathy, Chief Electoral Officer F. R. Kharkongor on Tuesday launched Mission 300 My Vote My Valentine at Community Hall cum Sports Complex, Dorbar Shnong Jaiaw Shyiap Lumpyllon.

The objective of the programme is to address the low voter turn-out in several polling stations i.e. 5 polling stations per Assembly Constituency where voting percentage was below state average of nearly 87% that has been identified across 60 Assembly Constituencies.

During the programme, Kharkongor also lit the flame of democracy and facilitated the first time voter of 17 North Shillong Constituency.

The programme which is being launched from North Shillong Assembly Constituency will also be held across the 7 Assembly Constituencies of Shillong Urban and other Districts as well.

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