TMC alleges completion of Jowai market complex delays because of NPP MLA Wailadmiki Shylla

Trinamool Congress leader and sitting MDC Andrew Shullai has alleged that completion of the much-awaited Jowai market complex was delayed just because the NPP legislator Wailadmiki Shylla wants his own family members to do the construction.


Shullai further slammed Shylla’s brother-in-law Sniawbhalang Dhar, who is the urban affairs minister responsible for the garbage issue which has affected the people of Jowai.


Speaking to reporters, Shullai said there were few technical problems with regards to the sanctioning of the Jowai market complex (or Iawmusiang market) and implementation from DoNER Ministry side but this has been rectified.  


“I remember going to the DoNER Ministry that this has been rectified and that the plan has been changed from 7th floor to 4th floor because of the MUDA byelaws and this has been agreed by DoNER Ministry,” he said.  


He also recalled that in 2021, chief minister Conrad K Sangma had visited the site and assured that the work will be resumed within two months’ time but “unfortunate till now the work has not resumed.”


The TMC candidate said that the government seems to have also sanctioned some money for the incomplete project.


He however alleged that the delay was only because the sitting MLA wanted his own family to do the construction.


“But due to the fact that the present MLA wants his own family to do the construction, they find some problem with the present contractor and when the money comes, they want to do the work by themselves. There has been a court case regarding this and that is why the delay has been there,” he said.


Slamming the government over the garbage issue, Shullai said that the issue is not about finding land for setting up a new landfill. He alleged that the problem arises due to the fact that as soon as Nartiang MLA (Sniawbhalang Dhar) became the Urban Minister.


“Otherwise I was a deputy CEM at that point of time and before, we used to dump the garbage right at Mynkjai. During our EC and I as deputy CEM in-charge market we have located a suitable place nearby where we can dump for more than 20 years or so. We have signed an agreement with the Jowai Municipal Board for construction of a boundary wall or fencing from below. That has been done during our time. The other thing is to construct an approach road and fencing but the government in 2018, they failed to keep these promises,” he said.


He also alleged, “There are vested interests who wanted to purchase land somewhere else and this has led to the problem of waste management in Jowai. It is not about finding land. The land is available but there is protest from people…”


Stating that the people of Jowai constituency are being taken for a ride, Shullai said, “Yes exactly, due to greediness to make money from each and everything, so that is why the people of Jowai town are suffering from the garbage mess.”


He said that people of the constituency do want the present government anymore as its performance is highly unsatisfactory.

Also stating that the livelihood of the people are at stake, Shullai said, “We need the livelihood of the people in Jowai and Jaintia Hills, their income from coal, contracts, now the only survival is from government salary. There is no economy in Jaintia Hills. It has gone down the drain and people at the lower level are suffering.”


Appealing to the voters to make a wise decision, Shullai said, “The people of Jowai have to be careful. If they chose a business family to run (the government), everything will be taken for a ride. There will be no governance and if such people win, they will think for themselves before thinking for the public.”


He further assured that if TMC comes to power, pending works like the MCH hospital, B.Ed college will be operationalized within 100 days.


“We will follow up regarding the Jowai market, road projects,” he said.

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