NEHU VC should clear current impasses over NEP implementation with MCTA

​Adviser to the education department, Himalaya M Shangpliang, on Tuesday said the state Government has already made its stand clear with regards to the implementation of National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 is concerned. While mentioning about the current impasses over the NEP implementation with Meghalaya College Teachers’ Association (MCTA), he said it is for the Vice Chancellor NEHU to clear.


Talking to reporters,   Shangpliang said Vice Chancellor of North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) Prof Prabha Shankar Shukla has invited Meghalaya College Teachers’ Association (MCTA) for talks.


“VC has his role to play, the Govt made its stand clear, so the impasse between the VC and the MCTA is for the VC to clear it for which I hear that the VC has invited them for talks,” Shangpliang said.


The MCTA has asked the NEHU VC to withdraw the alleged ‘defective’ July 12- notification to end the present stalemate over the NEP.


Stating that the matter is under discussion, he said, “I think we will leave it to the wisdom of the vice chancellor. The Vice Chancellor of NEHU has invited the MCTA for talks, and I hope the issues can be sorted out, so we leave it to the wisdom of the university. “


The former legislator said, the implementation of NEP, 2020 has already started.


“The Government has made its stand very clear, you have heard from the CM and the Education Minister that the Education policy will be introduced in the state. Now there are many colleges who have already started with the new policy, now our Government colleges will also start,” he said.


“The stage of preparation has started  therefore, one after another the implementation of the policy will begin because there are many things that are to be done like upgrading infrastructure and employing more teachers, taking into account all these policies will be implemented,”  Shangpliang added.


He further informed that the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has already started at the college level, and steady preparations have started to implement it at the school level.


“It (NEP,2020) should start from the school level, the new policy in the sense, we are already having an exercise​, we have constituted the Education Commission, we also have various other committees that are already in the pipeline now like text book review committee. While you talk about the new education policy we understand we are taking  baby steps now to start implementing the new policy, therefore, teachers need to be trained. There is a lot of work to be done and the preparation has already started,” he said.


“The implementation of policy as you all know has already started in the college level , now various colleges have already taken up the implementation of the NEP, 2020. Now this will also come down even at the school level, secondary level, higher secondary level. Now the preparation have already started,” the former legislator added.


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