Niveshak completes first round of funding for their student-run investment fund

 Niveshak, the Finance and Investment Club of the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, has completed the first round of funding for their student-run investment fund, the Niveshak Investment Fund (NIF), a diversified equity portfolio that aims for growth through a focused and optimally diversified portfolio strategy. The fund’s primary objective is to practice, implement and apply classroom learning and education to build security analysis, portfolio management, and business valuation skills while comprehensively understanding the risks associated with the investment into the capital markets.
NIF will open doors for students to be investors and get involved in learning more about the practical aspects of the stock market.
For the students managing the fund, it will be an opportunity to get hands-on experience in fund management and apply the concepts learned during the rigorous MBA program.
The presence of faculties and students graced the Niveshak Investment Fund launch. During the fund launch, Prof. Sharad Nath Bhattacharya, IIM Shillong, said, “I have a vision that this fund will grow to have different branches- social ventures and different kinds of theme-based investments, which can possibly prompt more students to contribute to the fund and make it more inclusive, along with providing them an avenue to apply their classroom learnings.”
Niveshak Investment Fund raised a whooping ₹12.5+ lakhs in the first round of fund collection with 230+ investors, crossing a corpus of ₹14 lakhs. For the fund, it is the first time they have raised investments from the vast community of IIM Shillong.
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