No rift in NPP over allotment of ticket for Shillong parliamentary seat: Conrad

Amid murmurs of alleged dissent within the NPP over the Lok Sabha candidate for the Shillong seat, party national president and Chief Minister Conrad Sangma today said that there is no unhappiness within the party over the ticket issue.

Talking to media in Shillong, Sangma said, the party likes to take everybody along while making decisions, however, sometimes it’s possible and sometimes not.

“I will not call it unhappiness I will call it emotions, I will say that people are emotional about certain things, their leaders, their candidates, the person they support and it’s only natural and we respect it but at the end of the day we will work with everybody and ensure that whatever decision we take will be at the best interest of everybody,” Sangma said.

While not denying the names of TMC Vice George B Lyngdoh, former Mawhati legislator Dasakhiat Lamare and former Mawsynram MLA Himalaya Shangpliang surfaced as contender for the Shillong parliamentary seat, the NPP national President said, “Its good sign it shows that there are lot of interest in the NPP. It reflects that there are a lot of people who are keen to contest on NPP tickets, it shows there is a demand for it and it is a positive sign for us. but yes there are challenges, we have to carry everybody along.”

“At the end of the day there will be only one candidate. We will take the decision when the time is correct and when we will be able to take everybody on board,” he added.

The NPP leader also said, the party allows people to give their opinions and allow healthy and constructive discussion.

Asked about how many people are approaching, he said,  “That will only be official once we officially announce that the party is now inviting applicants who have interest in contesting . That process has not happened yet because elections are not announced yet so it’s still sometimes away but as we get applications then we will know who are the people who will be contesting.”

Sangma further said, the party will take a decision on allotting tickets to candidates for the Parliamentary elections when the time is right, and also clarified that the party as of now has not decided on anyone.

“I stick to my point, we will decide what is in the best interest of the people of the state and the party,” Sangma said.

He further informed that NPP sitting MP from Tura Lok Sabha constituency has expressed her keenness to contest.