NWC assures to intervene on single mother’s issue if it is by force

SHILLONG, JULY 8: National Commission for women Chairperson Rekha Sharma assured to intervene on the issue of single mothers if they are forced or raped. Talking to Media persons in Shillong, Sharma said there is no problem if being single mothers is by Choice.


According to the report on ‘Exploratory Study on the Socio-Economic Status and Problems of Single Mothers in Meghalaya’ by the State Commission for Women published recent past, there are thousands of single mothers in seven of the 12 districts surveyed.  Deserted, abandoned or widowed, these women carry the burden of running a family.


Addressing media, Chairperson of the National Commission for Women (NCW) Rekha Sharma said, “In Meghalaya, if you are suggesting that there are many by forcefully they are becoming single mothers I would happily work on it and do a research.

I will ask Delina Kongdup (member, NCW) to do a research and see how we can help them.”


“However, single mothers by choice if they are by choice I think there is no need to intervene but if they have become by accident or by rape by somebody or force by somebody that is a different issue – there we can intervene and help her out but if they are single mothers by choice that is their right,” he added.


On the implementation of the new criminal laws, the chairperson said, “Yes it is beneficial for women like if a man is promising marriage and then having sexual relationship with that woman and finally not getting married to her he can be booked for it. This is the first new law has come. Even in IT Act, if people are abusing women online, they can be criminally booked by the police. So there are many provision in the new law, which are very helpful for the women.”


Asked, Sharma said cases of crimes against women are being reported because women now are aware of their rights besides and media and police are working round the clock reporting and registering such cases.


She also observed that Northeast is still the safest place for women when compared to other parts of India.


“Yes, numbers are increasing but I think we need to work everywhere I can say Northeast area is still very safe for women if you compare with the plains of India or the north of India, there the kind of cases which are brutal against women are more but still we need to work as there should not be even a single case of crimes against women, women should feel safe and secure anywhere and everywhere and any part of India and we are working on it,” Sharma said.


She also informed that the NCW member is taking care of each and every case (relating to crimes against women) which is concerning not only Meghalaya but every state in the Northeast.


The Commission had also taken suo motu cognizance of the recent brutal assault of a woman in Garo Hills.


Sharma informed that the Commission together with NALSA is also conducting legal awareness programmes all over India for the last three years


“NE will be part of it. In every district, we are going to do so that women know their rights and come forward,” she said. she said “Many women don’t even know that this is violence against them whereas domestic violence is concerned because from generation they are suffering due to domestic violence and they think that this is part and parcel of their life so we must make them aware that this is violence against them and that they should raise their voice and that is what NCW is doing.”


The commission member Delina said, “This matter is still pending (in the court) we all know that and as per our tradition from the beginning only women are not allowed to participate but if we go back to history there are women who have represented themselves in the dorbar – this is a recent we need to look after it we need to study and we need to change the mindset of men in this matter also because most of them men are the ones who oppose women to participate on that so we have make men aware also.”

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