UDP to seek clarification from Paul Lyngdoh on ‘trust deficit’ issue with HSPDP

SHILLONG, JULY 8: United Democratic Party (UDP) president Metbah Lyngdoh on Monday said the party will seek clarification from its working president Paul Lyngdoh on his statement about the ‘Trust deficit issue between UDP and HSPDP.’ He, however, maintained that there is no infighting within UDP.


Speaking to journalists, the UDP Chief said the Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) is very much intact and that there is no problem in the relationship between the UDP and the HSPDP.


“As far as that (statement of Paul Lyngdoh) is concerned, I think we will have to ask from him, how exactly was he informed about all these information but that will be at the party level we will discuss about it.”


Asked if any clarification will be sought from the UDP working president, Lyngdoh said, “That toh definitely, we will definitely ask.’


Reacting to the recent statement made by the UDP working president Paul Lyngdoh that the HSPDP is likely to pull out of the RDA following the defeat in the MP elections, the UDP President said, “So whatever has appeared is not correct. I have not seen such kind of comment from the HSPDP as far as that mistrust between the two parties and from UDP, we have nothing as such to blame the HSPDP for the defeat of our candidate, who was agreed upon by both the parties.”


“See when you talk about an alliance, one should understand about it. When it came to the alliance in the last MP election there had to be only one candidate so we decided to field candidates of the RDA with the symbol of the UDP (drum).

Now, the other part which is coming in front of us is the MDC and MLA elections, this is we are yet to sit and decide and discuss that is what I can say,” he added.


“As of now, just to clear all the doubts in the minds of everyone as of now the RDA which is alliance of the UDP and HSPDP is very strong and we have very good understand and there is no confusion, no mistrust and no misunderstanding at all,” Lyngdoh stated.


He informed that the RDA meeting will soon sit and discuss various issues as an alliance.



Further, Metbah Lyngdoh also clarified that his party will continue to support the National People’s Party (NPP)-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government till the end of the term.


Speaking to journalists, the UDP president said he was surprised over reports alleging that his party will pull out of the MDA government.


“But nevertheless whatever statement I am giving today I am giving on behalf of the party and that is final. As far as UDP is concerned, there is no discussion as such with regards to pulling out. We will remain with the government as of now and there is no such kind of talk and discussion within the party,” he said.


According to him, things discussed within the party are internal matters of the party.


He also refuted the allegation that the poor performance in the last Lok Sabha elections was because of the UDP working together with the NPP. In fact, people were happy with the UDP’s performance in the MDA-I government and rewarded the party with 12 MLAs in 2023.



“Now, from 2018 to 2023, we were working together with the NPP, we were working together with BJP, HSPDP and we were under the banner of the MDA-I.

In 2018, the party secured 8 seats in the entire MLA elections and in 2023, the people voted for us and rewarded us with 12 seats. I can say that people were happy and were satisfied with our performance and that’s why they have rewarded us with 12 seats,” he said.


Lyngdoh said, “We could not form the government and thereafter, the CM requested us to join the government. So after we discussed within the party and among the MLAs, well wishers and supporters, we were asked to go ahead – so we went ahead and joined the MDA-2. We joined because we believe that in 2023 they have rewarded us with more numbers than the 2018 elections because of our good performance that time so we thought and we believe also that we will continue to work together in the MDA-2, which we will work very hard and in 2028 perhap we could see from 2023 that people rewarded us with more MLAs.”


He said that the UDP will stick with the MDA government till the end of the five-year term.


Asked, Lyngdoh said that the people have assured to support the party in the upcoming MDC and MLA elections.


“In this one month gap, I have met good number of people from my constituency and I have asked them also what went wrong in this MP election and some of them admitted that this MP election, because nobody came to us and ask us to vote for UDP so on our own, we decide to vote for others but MDC and MLA elections, we will be with you. That was the message we got from the people but we have to go to the depth of the matter and hopefully we will get all the response,” he said.


On VPP emerging as a political party , Lyngdoh however said, “I don’t know, let the people decide. As far as our party is concerned, my concern and all leaders within the party, we would like to see that we come back with flying colours in the MDC elections.”


“I don’t see that (VPP is a threat). What I can’t say right now is what went wrong so once we go back to the people, we will clarify to them what doubts they have,” he added.


On some MDCs fearing to face the MDC elections, Lyngdoh said, “…rather we should take it as a challenge if you are a real fighter.”


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