Opposition Congress is insignificant in Garo Hills region: Rakkam

SHILLONG, JAN 30: NPP leader and cabinet minister Rakkam A Sangma on Tuesday alleged that the opposition Congress is insignificant in Garo Hills region.

Following the mass exodus of leaders from Congress before 2023 Assembly polls,  Congress which was once a powerful force now has one one legislator in Garo Hills.

Speaking to Mediapersons, Rakkam said, “I congratulate my elder brother Saleng A Sangma for getting the ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections. I wish him all the best but whether winning or losing is a very different thing as it might be a dream for him but we should not underestimate anybody as election is election.”


The minister said, “But as of now, I want to inform everybody that the future of Congress and wave of Congress is not or it is very insignificant at present.”


“I don’t know how far Saleng can create a wave in a very short time. Last one month back he was with me and we were talking about this only he said I will not contest but I don’t know he is very lucky he got ticket to contest and I wish him all the best,” he added.


Asked, Rakkam said, “Congress in Garo Hills, now they have a representative right, they have 19 short of 20. MLAs in Garo Hills they have 19 short of 20. (Therefore), it will be a huge task for them (in the upcoming LS polls).”

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