Permission denied to hold PM’s rally at PA Sangma stadium alleges BJP

BJP national general secretary Rituraj Sinha on Sunday slammed the chief minister Conrad K Sangma for inaugurating the incomplete PA Sangma stadium after the party was denied permission to hold the Prime Minister Narendra Modi rally at the stadium.


Addressing pressmen, Sinha said that the party has received a letter which stated that the PM’s rally at PA Sangma Stadium cannot be allowed since the project is yet to be completed.


He said, “However, if the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma had inaugurated the PA Sangma Stadium on December 16, last year with full fanfare how can the stadium be declared incomplete and unavailable for use for PM’s rally two months later?”


He said that he has no specific information that indicated the involvement of the CM to deny the permission.


According to him, it is the sports ministry of the state which is stating that the facility at the PA Sangma stadium is not ready for the PM’s rally.


He said that the PA Sangma Stadium has been builit at a cost of Rs 127 crore out of which 90% has been given by the central government.


Sinha said that by denying permission it only shows that there is fear among the opposition parties.


“Just because the people of Meghalaya have shown complete support for Prime Minister and BJP, are we going to stall the BJP’s campaign?”


“Is our opposition – Conrad Sangma and Mukul Sangma so scared of us. The opposition parties are there to stall the BJP’s wave in Meghalaya. You can and try stop PM’s rally but the people of the state has made up their mind (to support the BJP),” he said.


Sinha also claimed that the national and regional parties contesting the upcoming Assembly election are completely taken aback by the surge in sentiment for Prime Minister and the surge in sentiment to bring a BJP government in Meghalaya.


He alleged that the chief minister and former chief minister were addressing rallies of only 1500-2000 people.


“The turnout in BJP rallies to listen to Amit Shah has been an excess of 10,000 -15000 people whether it is Rangsakona, North Tura and South Tura, which is the home turf of the CM, whether it is remote areas like Dalu and Baghmara, the response has completely taken them by surprise,” he said.


Sinha said, “Once PM has decided that he want to speak to the people of Meghalaya nothing can stop him.”


Further, the BJP national general secretary said that the state government of Meghalaya has withdrawn the general consent for CBI to conduct investigation in the state.


“But Amit Shah has promised that when BJP is voted to power we will create a special task force headed by a retired Supreme Court judge to investigate all corruption charges against the present and previous governments. Those who have looted the people of Meghalaya will all be brought to book,” he said.



The BJP leader further claimed that the party has no say in the governance in the state despite being part of it.


He said that the BJP has only two seats in the 60-member House.


“In a democracy your voice or your influence is directly linked to the number of seats you have in the assembly. We have only two seats in the last assembly. We have limited say and control on the policy making, despite that BJP has repeatedly raise issues against corruption, even during it was in power because it was raising the voice of the people.”


He expressed confidence that this timeĀ  around the people of Meghalaya are going to bless BJP with a very strong number in Assembly and we will ensure that corruption is check in the state.


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