Political apathy or anti-incumbency: NPP rally fails to attract massive crowd

Political apathy continues in the urban constituencies of Shillong as political parties fail to pull massive crowds. Large number of empty chairs in the National People’s Party’s (NPP) General convention meeting titled – “Stronger Together” at Polo Grounds, Shillong describes the election fever yet to grip Shillong.

CM addressing the

CM addressing the gathering


  The National People’s Party on Wednesday announced the name of the 58 candidates for the upcoming election in the State of Meghalaya at Polo Grounds, Shillong where as many as 57 candidates and their supporters were present. However, the ruling party failed to attract too many people in their much talked general convention.  Interestingly many left the ground as the National President of NPP Conrad Sangma began to address the rally.


National President of NPP Conrad Sangma on anti-incumbency 


While Media inquired from NPP National President and Chief Minister Conrad Sangma if there is any anti-incumbency against the Government, Sangma denied having any kind of extreme anti-incumbency, but admitted expectations are always there.


Empty Chairs at NPP rally


“The problem in the politics of our state or I should say the characteristic of the way we have is that the anti incumbency is at two levels- at the individual candidate level or the MLA level  and at the overall party level or the Government level, we strongly feel a lot of work has been done from the Government side, from the party side as the leading partner in the government and hence we see that there is lot of positivity is there,” Sangma said.


 The NPP National President further added, “So I don’t see any kind of extreme anti-incumbency that is there in the government’s work, ofcourse the expectation are always there and we cannot fulfill all expectations but we have done far better than what lot of people would have expected us to do especially keeping in mind the COVID challenges that we had, so I don’t expect and I don’t see any major anti-incumbency issue.”

During NPP rally
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