Shillong All Faith Forum plea to political parties: Refrain from creating division and hatred amongst people

​The Shillong All Faith Forum (SAFF) has issued a plea to political parties ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, urging them to avoid sowing division and hatred among communities.


Addressing Mediapersons after the Shillong All Faith Forum meeting, SAFF president Bishop P Lyngdoh emphasises the looming threat posed by fringe elements seeking to exploit the election period.


“We appeal to political parties because these are all connected to political parties, as the election is coming​ we appeal to the political parties kindly be mindful of what you speak, how you speak and what you speak, not to create division and hatred amongst people,” Lyngdoh said.


He urged both the Meghalaya and Assam governments to not only engage in dialogue but also take concrete actions to prevent any potential unrest.


“Oflate you all know what is happening, in Manipur, what is happening in Assam now and sadly and very alarmingly, we see the signs and the signs that Meghalaya is being touched now in the border area,” he said adding, “We want to appeal to the government of Meghalaya and the Government of Assam, they should continue to talk, not only talk find out the truth and not just talk take step to prevent any untoward incident.”


The forum also cautioned against the spread of fake news, urging people to prioritize peace and harmony during this crucial electoral period.


Additionally, residents in the interstate borders were urged to maintain calm and foster harmony.


SAFF convened for this discussion at the Archbishop’s House in Shillong, underscoring the importance of unity and vigilance in the face of potential unrest.


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