Shillong was usually a transit point but now has become consumer: DGP

Newly-appointed Meghalaya Director General of Police (DGP) Idashisha Nongrang  on Monday said Shillong was usually a transit point but now it has become a consumer and despite the seizures made police have not really been able to stop the actual supply system adding there have been commendable efforts by the anti-narcotic task force (ANTF) in some cases but the “deterrent factor” is not there.


Talking to Mediapersons, Nongrang stressed on the need of the families to join the fight against drug menace.


“It is something, which we need to work very closely not only with the law enforcement, the other agencies that are involved in the fight against drug but also specially with the families and the society at large, we would like to drill down to the families because one thing I have notice about us is we would like to talk about it but we don’t really do much about it and when it comes to my family it is okay no it is not to be discussed,” the DGP said.


On suggestion to stop the supply of drugs at the entry points to the state, the new DGP said, “That is only one of the aspects I would say as to how best to tackle the drug menace. Yes if we could get them at the entry point yes nothing like it but the fact of the matter we have a very porous and the national highway passes through Meghalaya so there are limitations on the amount of checking you can do and drugs is something which is so easy to concealed so unless there is specific information, you could be checking the right vehicle but unless we know where to look it is very difficult.”

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