TMC coins slogan ‘Kal•ani ong•gen’ in Garo Hills

‘Kal•ani ong•gen’- the message was clear as All India Trinamool Congress in Garo Hill Chairperson Mamata Banerjee coined the slogan during the public meeting at Mendipathar,  North Garo Hills.

The Garo version of the popular phrase ‘Khela hobe’ rings the poll bugle for the party in Garo Hills. Around 55 thousand people joins the chorus and shouts the slogan, ‘Kal•ani ong•gen’.

Earlier, impressed by the sweetness of Garo language and culture, Banerjee said, “Next time I come to your area, I will learn your local language, please teach me I will be very happy, but in the meantime I will learn from youtube. I will be very happy to know your language. “

Interestingly, the Garo language is fighting for inclusion in the Eighth Schedule, infact, a few months back TMC state leaders organised a protest in Delhi demanding inclusion of Khasi and Garo in the 8th schedule.

Stating that Meghalaya is the cultural rhythm of Meghalaya, she said, “Your culture is so high just like a sky high, if Bengal is the cultural capital of India, then Meghalaya is the tune culture, the rhythm culture of India. You have everything with you. Your music rhythm is so good; I want to know your tune your rhythm.”

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