The Trinamool Congress Meghalaya on Tuesday launched We Card, a financial inclusion programme for women empowerment.
The scheme was launched by party chairperson Mamata Banerjee at State Central Library in the city.
Meghalaya Trinamool Congress announced its first promise to the people of the State, which is a part of a series of targeted interventions that the party envisions for bringing holistic development in Meghalaya. Prioritising empathetic governance, AITC will continue to uphold its progressive vision for a prosperous Meghalaya.

Expressing her utter shock at the high maternal and infant mortality rate, AITC Chairperson Mamata Banerjee said, “In Bengal, we respect the women-folk. All our flagship schemes are women-centric. Be it Kanyashree, where the girl child gets free education from the school-level to the university, or Swasthya Sathi (Health Insurance), where the cards are registered in the name of the women head of the family.”

She reaffirmed her commitment to the women of Meghalaya through this unique campaign and instructed the party workers to ensure that this scheme reaches every household of the state.

Under this scheme, a direct transfer will be made to a woman of every household
as guaranteed universal income support of ₹1,000 per month (₹12,000 yearly). It is in line
with West Bengal’s successful Lakshmir Bhandar scheme, which has already benefited
over 1.8 crore women. This path breaking campaign was launched through a video
documentary highlighting and emphasising the need for financial inclusivity and support for
women in the State.
Each registered woman will receive a unique ID-enabled WE card serving as an assured guarantee
for the scheme. Through this card, the women of Meghalaya will get their rightful due and make
each household self-reliant. The card is non-discriminatory in nature, making women across
all socio-economic categories including single mothers, housewives, widows and working
women eligible to access the benefits through unconditional direct transfer.
To avail the benefits of this scheme, women can authenticate and activate the card by
sending an SMS to 9687796877. For online registration, individuals can also visit, post which they can download a digital version of the WE Card.
With the launch of this campaign, Meghalaya TMC will embark on a massive state-wide campaign
on a war footing with over 10,000 party workers and volunteers visiting every household
of the state. Taking forward TMC’s mission of inclusive growth, the volunteers will explain to the
residents about the MFI WE scheme, and encourage women to register for the same.
Parallelly, kiosks will be set up across the state where women can register for the scheme with the aid of
the party volunteers. A robust digital thrust will also be undertaken to promote the digital
registrations on

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