TMC leaders accuses MDA Govt for running surrogate and a corrupt

Former MLA and Meghalaya TMC candidate from Phulbari SG Esmatur Mominin and Meghalaya TMC candidate from Rajabala Dr. Mizanur Kazi accused the NPP-led MDA government for running a ‘surrogate and a corrupt’ regime for the past five years.


Addressing a press conference at the Phulbari party office, former MLA SG Esmatur Mominin castigated the NPP for peddling malicious propaganda against TMC over the recent Phulbari violence. He said, “I condemn the brutal attack orchestrated by the NPP workers at Charbatapara village in Phulbari constituency. I learned that the Shyamnagar MDC provoked this incident and is the perpetrator of the crime. He is the root cause of this incident. I request the ECI conduct a proper inquiry to reveal the truth and unearth what happened. This is a very shocking and serious matter. I hope the authorities will take appropriate action and ensure fair and free elections.”


The Phulbari candidate also listed his achievements during his tenure as the legislator of the constituency. “After being elected as an MLA in 2018, I served the people of Phulbari to the best of my abilities. I have introduced many bridges and roads in my constituency — Bholarbhita bridge, Bangalkkata bridge, Goladigli bridge, Purnonagar bridge, the road between Bholarbhita to Charbatapara, Chibinang to Phulbari road, Gumbilading to Rongkhola road, Nimaikata to Masangpani Road, Rongkhon to Kalapani Road, Goladigli road, Gopalthan road, Haribangha road, Soleartek road, and Nagaband road. These efforts were made to ensure the welfare of our people,” he said.


Slamming the NPP-led MDA government for being a rigid wall against the development in the constituency, Mominin mentioned that the approval for the construction of the Rondupara bridge and Puskanipara bridge was sanctioned, but later the tender got cancelled. Due to my persistent efforts, the construction work has now begun and will be completed in the next two years,” he said affirming confidence in Meghalaya TMC.


Highlighting that he played a role of a pacifist in bridging the distinct communities of Phulbari bringing them under one fold, the Meghalaya TMC candidate said, “I have always tried to maintain a good relationship with all the communities in my constituency. Earlier, during the Chibinang clash, I was instrumental in bringing peace between Muslim and Garo Communities.”


Dr. Mizanur Kazi, the Rajabala candidate emphasised upon the tremendous failure of the Conrad Sangma-led MDA in various sectors in Rajabala. Taking a dig at the NPP for displaying election gimmicks in the name of development, the Meghalaya TMC candidate said, “Our people are facing terrible healthcare issues. Upgrading a hospital from PHC to CHC on paper at the time of elections is just a gimmick to gain some votes. It will not help the people as there is a lack of doctors, specialists, and diagnostic facilities prevail in these CHCs.”


Pointing towards the catastrophic failure of the Power department, Dr. Mizanur Kazi said that in a village with 200 households, if 5 households fail to pay the power bill, the power for the entire village is disconnected. “They don’t take into consideration that children have exams. Imagine the hardships that are faced by the students. This is unacceptable behavior from the Power department,” he said.


He also highlighted the ‘deliberate negligence’ of the NPP-led MDA government towards filling the vacant posts. He said, “Overall there are 9,000 vacancies in the entire state, including Police services, education, and other departments. The government has miserably failed to make a single appointment because they are unable to pay their salaries. This NPP government has completely botched development in the past five years. The education system has deteriorated. No action was taken to improve the facilities. How will the teachers work if they don’t get a salary, and how will the children study given the condition of the inadequacy of staff?”


Calling the people of Meghalaya to stand together and demand the fundamental rights in unison, the Meghalaya TMC leader said, “We should unite to eradicate this corrupt and inefficient government. This government is not in a position to run on its own. It has been dominated by Delhi and Guwahati and it has no zeal to work for the people.”

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