UDP general council meeting on Saturday to elect new CEC

​The United Democratic Party (UDP) will hold its general council meeting on August 12 to select a new central executive committee (CEC) of the party.

Speaking to reporters, the party president, Metbah Lyngdoh said that he is willing to accept whatever decision is being taken by the nomination committee, while maintaining that the nomination committee is the supreme body.

“We will have general council meeting on 12 this coming Saturday as far as the practice and as far as the constitution is concern general council meeting will happen and those who are the members of the nomination committee will have a say not only on this decision but also about other office bearers,” Lyngdoh said.

The tenure of the current body had actually expired in 2022 but because of the pandemic and assembly elections, the general council meeting had to be postponed.

According to him, there is a process to be followed for selection of the new office bearers as per Constitutions of the party and that will be followed religiously.

Earlier, the party had constituted a nomination committee for proposing the names of the new office bearers of the party for approval by the general council of the party.

Recent reports have stated that the majority of party leaders want Lyngdoh to continue as president of the party.

Asked, Lyngdoh said, “Well, if that is the case as reported by you so I should say that the party as a whole and from section of the leaders in the party felt that I have to continue, I am willing to continue (as president) but to me personally if you ask this question I would say straight away that we will be having the general council on August 12. Let us see.”

. Regarding the issue of common minimum programme, Lyngdoh however said that post general council, whoever is heading the party will address these issues that we will take up for the next five years.

“As a party we will decide together. In these last 3 years plus, we had a team and the team decided and why I am saying this is because whatever decision made by the team we always could succeed in any kind of attempt that we have made. We are part of the government and we will address all those (issues) at the right platform…apart from the manifesto, matters which are for the interest of the state, we will definitely address those as well.”

Meanwhile, Lyngdoh informed that the UDP will take a call on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and KHADC and JHADC elections post the general council meeting.

On being asked, the UDP chief refused to disclose whether there is any arrangement that the cabinet berths will be shared among the 12 MLAs of the state.

“That is an internal matter of the party. There are few things which we have to keep within ourselves. The question of denying or not does not arise at all. It is an internal matter of the party. We will decide everything at an appropriate time. Whatever decision we make it will always be for the interest of the party and the state,” he stated.

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