Dr Mukul traverse across state to spread people-centric vision of Meghalaya TMC

The Leader of Opposition alerts people against spreading fascist ideology across NE states and the country


To uplift the people of Meghalaya whose aspirations have been trampled by the NPP-led MDA government in the past five years, Meghalaya TMC Legislature Party Leader and the Leader of Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma has been traversing across the state to spread the people-centric vision of the Meghalaya TMC. He addressed two significant events today at Bajengdoba and Mendipathar in North Garo Hills.


Speaking to a huge gathering of supporters who thronged at the Achotchonggre ground in Bajengdoba, the Leader of the Opposition said that the NPP-led MDA government created an infamous history by denying the appointment of teachers.

“First time in the country, the Meghalaya government failed to appoint teachers, thereby restricting our children’s access to education. Children from all regions — Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo Hills — are stranded hopelessly due to the disastrous governance. This has reached a point where many schools were shut down in various villages of our state. This is also a deliberate attempt to stop our children from gaining knowledge while trampling their invaluable aspirations. It is our responsibility to fight against these mindsets,” Dr. Sangma told the crowd amid thunderous applause.


Voicing the need for a ‘change in the guard’ of governance for a better Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma said, “During my tenure, ample welfare measures were introduced to benefit the people from various sections of society. I brought funds from the World Bank, Asian Bank, JAICA, and other international organisations. Despite the government having the means to effectively fill the job vacancies, they ignored giving a chance to our youth. For whom were these vacancies reserved instead of being filled? Therefore, we need a change. We must also ensure that we come into power to deliver what the people of Meghalaya deserve.”


Talking about the dismal state of livelihood due to the Conrad-led MDA government’s dereliction of duty, the Leader of Opposition said, “There is a high scope for improvement in terms of infrastructure in Garo Hills. People don’t have sufficient money in their hands and are forced to borrow money from their relatives for medical emergencies. The brilliant students from our society face the utmost difficulties to pursue their dream due to the lack of standard Colleges and Universities. Earlier, I introduced a women empowerment scheme to provide Rs. 5,000 for women to open a bank account. The allocated funds were diligently disbursed by us but ever since the change in the regime, it has desisted.”


In another event in Mendipathar, Dr. Mukul Sangma cautioned the people of Meghalaya to stay vigilant of the ‘vicious hidden agenda’ of the BJP. “After the independence, several laws were enacted in various states to confer provisions including the 6th schedule in Meghalaya, Article 371 in Nagaland, and Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. These laws were given to protect and preserve the culture and the way of life. But, what happened to Article 370 in Kashmir?”


Echoing the concerns of the people, the Meghalaya TMC leader said, “The Central government sitting in Delhi abrogated Article 370 to fulfill their vested interests. The article was a weapon for the indigenous people to preserve their land as it legally obstructed others to own land in the state. The Modi-led BJP government works against the will of the people. Many leaders from Kashmir including the former Chief Ministers were arrested during the persecution. We must stay united and vigilant of such nefarious activities.”


He also added, “Will the respected CM Conrad Sangma have the courage to stand against BJP? The people of our state have come together with a covenant of unity and integrity. To fight against the vile nature of these parties, we must unite and work to fulfill the aspirations of our people. They are working to divide us by laying a trap. BJP is coming into our state with a hidden agenda. Go and see what is happening in Assam and how people are being treated differently. While BJP speaks about development here, sooner or later, they will exercise their hidden agenda, as they have done in other states.”