People of Meghalaya should learn from Bengal not to succumb to BJP’s threat: Pala

Just a day before the visit of All India Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee’s to Meghalaya, the state Congress president Vincent H Pala has appreciated the people of Bengal for not succumbing to the threat of BJP.

Slamming BJP for its claim that no government can be formed without its support in Meghalaya, the State Congress chief said the people of Meghalaya should learn from Bengal as BJP’s claim is a threat to the people of the state.


“Therefore, the people of Meghalaya should learn from Bengal. When the BJP had threatened the Bengalis that they will not form a government without the BJP, they taught them a lesson. The people of Meghalaya should answer to the BJP that we will see and we will not succumb to the threat of the BJP,” Pala said.


Congress MP Gourav Gogoi said that the BJP is only talking big but the fact is that out of the three major elections held recently in Delhi, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, they won in only one state.


He said that the BJP thinks that cash wins votes but Congress thinks that performance wins votes.


“Therefore, we are confident that our performance when compared with this government’s performance, people will be able to see that the Congress government is better for the future of Meghalaya,” he said.


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