Saffronised Shillong welcomes PM Modi, Amit Shah

The public rally organised by North Eastern Council (NEC) as part of its Golden Jubilee anniversary function has turned into BJP’s political rally ahead of 2023 Assembly polls in Meghalaya. BJP Festoons and BJP flags were put all over Shillong, asking people to join the saffron party. At the entrance of the polo ground, the placards were displayed asking people to give a miss call and join BJP.

The NEC public rally is sabotaged into a political rally with Prime Minister Narendra Modi hitting hard at the previous Congress Government at the centre saying the previous government divided the Northeast.

“The previous governments at the Centre had a ‘divide’ northeast approach, and we have a ‘divine’ approach for the region,” he said, adding that his government is working towards ensuring peace by resolving conflicts in the region.

The opposition Congress was the target as the Modi spoke development mantra. The Prime Minister’s speech highlighted various development works his Government has undertaken under his regime.

“For us, the border areas in the northeast are not the last mile, but our main pillars. We are working on the Vibrant border village project for the development of villages along the border. The previous government used to think if we develop the border area, the enemy country will benefit, but we are going to make the border areas our strongest bastions. We are working on better connectivity, roads, etc. to border villages,” he added.

The PM also referred to his Vatican visit last year.

“Last year, I went to Vatican City and met the Pope. I invited him to India, and that meeting has had a great impact on me. We discussed how unity of humanity is important for the human race. We are pushing the politics of peace and development, and the tribal community is greatly benefiting from this,” PM Modi said.


Home Minister Amit Shah also has given a report card of Modi’s 8 year of governance.

It may be mentioned that barely two months left for the polls; the visit of BJP’s top brass has motivated the state BJP leaders.