‘UCC is still a concept, No use of talking about it unless Govt sees a formal document or bill’: CM


Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said there is no use of talking about Uniform Civil Code (UCC) unless the state Government sees a formal document or a bill on UCC.

Amidst the demand urging Chief Minister Conrad Sangma to pass a resolution unanimously in the Assembly opposing it, Sangma said, UCC is still a concept and resolution in the Assembly cannot be taken on a concept, on an idea.

“It’s no use talking about UCC till we don’t see a formal document on what the UCC is all about then we can only comment on it,” Sangma said.

Stating that UCC is a very broad concept, he said any resolution in this regard can only be seen after the state Government receives a copy of the bill or the formal document.

“So until and unless you come out clearly what is the UCC you are talking about because Uniform Civil Code is a general word, so you can use a general word in anything. Now if you can show me the bill that has got the details of it, then we will take a resolution accordingly after reading it,” the CM said.

In wake of Kerala Assembly adopting resolution against Uniform Civil Code, similar demands echoed in Meghalaya as well.

“I cannot take a resolution on a concept, I cannot take a resolution on an idea. It has to be on a particular issue, it has to be on a particular bill, and a particular format which has to be given to us,” the Chief Minister added.


It may be mentioned that the United Democratic Party (UDP), a key ally of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government, has expressed its reluctance to support the proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC) due to the absence of a draft proposal from the Government of India.


UDP general secretary Dr. Jemino Mawthoh said, “You have to understand we also falls under the purview of 6th Schedule, so this is an area we have to look into if UCC is being implemented how far it’s going to affect the people living in the 6th schedule areas.”


“Since we are on the same page, I think there nothing wrong if collectively as all stakeholders of the state of Meghalaya if we are on the same page  if we belong to different political parties whether ruling or opposition there is nothing wrong to adopt a resolution in the Assembly, I don’t think anything wrong,” the UDP leader added.


The Law Commission of India has recently sought the views of the state government on the proposal for implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC).


Earlier, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) demanded the Meghalaya Government to convene a Special session of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly to pass a resolution unanimously telling the Centre that UCC shouldn’t be implemented in the state of Meghalaya.


HYC General Secretary Roykupar Synrem said , “ We want the state Government under the leadership of Conrad Sangma just like what the Kerala Legislative Assembly has done should convene a special session or in the next Assembly session they should pass a resolution unanimously telling the Centre that UCC shouldn’t be implemented in the state.”