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NPP leader Sniawbhalang Dhar on Monday said he does not see the United Democratic Party (UDP) and other political parties as a threat to his party in the coming 2023 polls.


Speaking to Meghalaya News 24, Dhar, who is also Urban Affairs Minister, said, “We are fighting almost everywhere that is a part of politics. But it doesn’t mean they are a threat to us. Yes of course in quite a number of seats we are fighting against UDP and there are numbers of seats we are fighting against some independent candidates and few seats we are fighting against other parties but there will be no threat against NPP.”

BJP approaches sitting legislators


Meanwhile, there are reports that desperate to get some sitting legislators, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is approaching many sitting MLAs in Meghalaya to rope them two months ahead of elections; but is it too little too late a move for the BJP?

The party, in the last few months, has approached several sitting MLAs however many of them turn down the offer.


For some MLAs BJP is a big No No party, for some there is nothing wrong in meeting BJP leadership, however, they refuse to be part of the saffron party saying BJP is too late in its move to approach MLAs.


Admitting getting such offer,  NPP senior Legislator and cabinet Minister Snawbhalang Dhar said there is no harm in meeting people but he will not leave NPP.


“But they should know that I am the senior leader of the NPP. UDP can approach me, BJP can approach me – there is no harm as that is a part of politics. Everybody has the right to come and approach even me I can do to other parties but I have to stick to my own party only,” he said.


When asked, he said, “Anti-incumbency is always there but we will prove in the general election results.” According to him, he is confident that the people will make a wise decision since the MDA government had brought a lot of development to the state.


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