Admitting there is a shortage of specialist doctors in the state, Minister in-charge Health James K Sangma on Wednesday said the government is trying to find out ways and means to address the shortage of specialist doctors.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said it is important to initiate steps to ensure the health care sector does not get affected by such shortage of specialist doctors.


The health minister however said the government is also looking at ways and means on how to bring doctors appointed under 3F into the system and have regular doctors who will be able to provide services.


“Those are the things that we are not hesitant to say that we have that gap and the important thing is that to recognize these shortcomings and to work upon it and then see how we address it,” he said.


Sangma also said that he does not want to comment on the MPSC as it is an autonomous body.


“I think that those questions should be posed to them and I think the answers must be sought from them because I don’t want to answer will be half of MPSC,” he said.


He added,“But we are trying to coordinate with the MPSC to the best possible way and I am very sure the government is working towards finding ways and means of better coordination, ways and means of whereby we can have a better mechanism, whereby the time taken for such kind of processes can be reduced and we work in close coordination with the MPSC. I am very sure the government is doing that.”

By Editor