Meghalaya CM says Confrontation not solution to resolve differences with Assam

A day after meeting Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswasarma in Shillong,  Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Thursday said Confrontation not solution to resolve differences with Assam.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “We are in India and obviously we have to work and discuss matters and live in peace and harmony. There are challenges, there are complications which we have to work out but it cannot be worked out by confrontation. Solutions can only come with discussion and dialogue, with understanding and trust and hence we need to ensure that we build that trust with our counterparts, be firmed with our negotiations and our terms, find ways in which we can accommodate each other and obviously in important occasions like these, these are trust building measures.”


The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) Laban Circle had recently threatened to close down the Karbi Hemtun (Guest House) if the Karbi people and Assam government continue to illegally encroach and harass Khasi people in West Jaintia Hills District.


Sangma said, “So tomorrow you want to put up a Meghalaya House in Assam or Guwahati and if somebody says well you cannot do it, I don’t think that is a trust building mechanism.”


“Yes, I am not saying that there are no concerns, there are concerns but to resolve those concerns, confrontation is not the solution. We need to work together build the trust and in an amicable manner move forward and that is what the message was yesterday,” he added.